Barister Sama Francis: latest casualty in web of the unknowns


Renown barrister at law and former president of the of the once respectful Cameroon revered Bar Association has come under fire for an interview he grated to the post newspaper. The legal juggernaut is alleged to have told the popular news publication that he was ready to go to work despite the stance of his Anglophone colleagues who have refused to go to the courts for months now until their grievances are solved including but not limited to the unconditional release of one of theirs.

As the news made rounds on social media, barrage of criticism and an expected backlash was fast and coming. The outlawed consortium label swiftly labeled Sama as they normally do with anyone who insinuate or dare to oppose their stance as traitor and warned of devastating consequences.

The renown Sama who originated from North west region has cried out his lungs that his statements were taken out of context and said he did not wish to go back to the courts while his colleagues are on the run with some incarcerated according to interviews to other media outlets but yet the populations’ court has found him guilty already and justice is being served on social media.

Speaking to Cameroon News Agency, Barrister Sama Francis said people misinterpreted his interview with The Post Newspaper and asked that the news organ could do a rejoinder.

There are already repots of threats of his life and the banned consortium authorities insist he issues a rejoinder personally to the paper for onwards publication without which he is assumed guilty as charged and remains a traitor who has been feeding fat from the coffers of the state with the intention to destabilize the struggle.

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But the learned man of law is not new to this unenviable position, many Cameroonians from Awah Cletus to Mono Humphrey over the course of the crisis have found themselves on the other side against the leaders of the outlawed consortium and the population especially on social media who have refused to accept any alternative idea or welcome any move which does not promote their mantra.

Many have been were quick to label others  traitors and their lives and properties threatened for failing to abide by the rules and Barister Sama has just been the latest I  long list of Cameroonians who have been caught in this political quagmire..


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