Back to school headache: Fako Solution Group says they have the solution, marathon announced


The President of Fako Solution Group Mr. Mesube Sylvester granted a press conference at the conference hall of CRTV Mount Cameroon FM, Buea South West today Friday 4th may 2017 at 10:00am with the aim of briefing pressmen about his organization and what they intend to do to take students back to school.

In the presence of members of his team, the confident-looking President and Founder of Fako Solution group begins the conference with an opening statement where he bemoans the fact that girls are “getting impregnated”, “boys now become hunters, rascals and more” and adds that a spell has been casted on parents which makes to refuse sending their children to school saying “enough is enough”

The defiant president went ahead with his scathing attack against those who are advocating for no school, saying “their children are going to school out of the country’ and they had already gone to school, he foamed.

He stressed that his group is nonpartisan and is an NGO that seeks to bring solution, hence they could not be indifferent to the ongoing problem hindering resumption of classes, adding that, though the name carries Fako, it will work across the entire English speaking regions of Cameroon.

While the main aim is to organized a marathon titled, “marathon back to school” in all divisions of North West and southwest regions of Cameroon, president Mesube stated that his team have the solution to this impasse which continuously keeps students at home despite all government efforts.

The founding President outlined that his planned “marathon back to school” has four main goals

  • Beat back the spell which has been casted on parents
  • Sensitize and call population especially children to go back to school
  • Stand for unity in the country
  • Demands massive turnout from population to support this initiative.
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Squeezed by reporters on what makes him thinks his magic plan will work where government ministers a, politicians, elites including religious have failed, the confident Mesube says “we are going to talk to them with humility and not with money”

Responding to critics who says the organization is one of many created to distract the people from the ongoing problem, the President says his organization started in April 2016 well before the strike in Anglophone regions of Cameroon started and had been actively doing charitable works  ever since.

He refused to answer questions from pressmen about the fate of those students who are incarcerated in Yaoundé, saying” he cannot answer political questions” and went ahead to add that he will dismiss any of his member who enters into politics as he stressed the fact that his organization is apolitical, and his goal was to see children back to school irrespective of what has happened in the past.

Reporters also wanted to know about the security situation of children if they were to return to school and the President said, Government has assured him that if need be, there might be police posts in all secondary schools, something press men said will rather scare students away from the class rooms

While the president botched question related to his source of funding, the President assured the anxious press men and women present that they  ( Fako solution Group) have the solution to solve the problem though he was sketchy in his proposed “magic solution’.

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He thank the governor, SDO for Fako and the Mayor of the Buea municipality which he describes as the “political  Maradona” for given him the green light to realise this all important initiative in their area of jurisdiction


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