Anglophone leaders ignore school resumption quandary, focuses on those in detention in a pre-detention deja vus


Ever since they were released on the 30th of August through a press release from the presidency ordering the discontinuous of court proceedings against them, respected Anglophone leaders and former consortium leaders, barrister Balla, Dr Neba and justice Ayah have all maintained sealed lips to the calls for effective start of a new academic year

The government and opponents have been fighting months long information war over the resumption of school come the new academic year with government calling on parents to send their kids to school with the activists saying otherwise

Following their release on the eve of back to school for this academic year, many thought the leaders were going to give their blessings to back to school, and spare innocent kids the trouble of sacrificing two school year due to the ongoing crisis.

The revered leaders have basically ignored the debates surrounding back to school, rather focus on those arrested, issuing public statements voicing support and commitment to ensure they are released from determination. Justice Ayah and Barister Balla went to prison a visit to detainees in show of solidarity and commitment to their freedom

While many are now wondering if the huge silence of the big three is tactical approval of the campaign against back to school, the population of the two English speaking regions still awaits in hopelessness as schools in these regions are still to effectively resume with hundreds of thousands of students still home with no end inside.


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