Anglophone crisis: The fear of keeping children at home is greater than any fear for doing otherwise


Ever since owners of private and mission schools in the two English regions made it officially clear that they will open their doors to welcome students come September, thereby ending an 8-month’s held policy of closing their doors, supporters who had sort to use no school as punitive measure to bring the government to her kneels have been firing from all cylinders especially on social media.

No school proponent doubles their rhetoric as school owners scramble for students, the prospect  of keeping children home for two years without schooling is frightening given the devastating consequences of keeping kids home for the better part of the  just ended academic year.


While many who consider themselves as “liberators” and who mostly live abroad have ratchet-up their threads and attack on the bishops and clergy for declaring an end to self-imposed educational siege, seizing any small opportunity to drum their message to those who care to listen that opening school will be falling in what they call “government playbook”

Bu as parents especially the poor who cannot afford to send their kids abroad or to other regions of the country were schools are active gradually becomes warry of the political climate and the churches and private school owners losing much needed cash because of the shutdown, the outcome which must have forced the men of God and other education stake holders come to such conclusion is not only economic and moral but is a gradual shift from their initial political stance they stood for.

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The church especially the Roman Catholic church has made its stance very clear and all educational stakeholders in these parts of the country have all contributed massively in observing an almost blank academic year with all the consequences that goes with it and their message for intent and purposes was clearly send and probably received

Any attempts to continue the punitive measure against innocent children who just want to right to go to school and compete with their peers not only in Cameroon but around the world will be unjustified and unacceptable but out of place

But as keyboard activist and others fight to keep children out of school with threads and all measure they wish to use, the fear of keeping children at home is certainly greater than any fear from someone sitting in his comfort abroad and wishing otherwise.


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