Anglophone crisis: Can the Canada model solve the ongoing crisis?


Cameroon and Canada has long cordial relationship and are partners in diplomatic circles and enjoy friendly relationship over the years.The two nations also have more than just embassies in their respective capitals to boost of what they share but are the only two bilingual countries in the world where English and French are two official languages.Cameroon is a French dominated country with eight regions as oppose to two for English speaking Cameroonians while English is the dominant language for Canada with 90 percent of Canadians speaking English and about 10 percent speaking French.

But the developed north American nation has over the years solve the issues of marginalization and attempted assimilation by the majority of the English speaking population and succeeded in creating a working formula with their enviable federal and near autonomous system of government in the unified nation, a situation pregnant with lessons for Cameroon as the nation faces a difficult moments and similar situations

For the past months now, the English speaking regions of Cameroon has been rocked in endless protests that have led to many arrests, jailed and some have lost their life’s and others their properties in  what they called Anglophone problem. The people have been complaining of massive marginalization and assimilation and have called on the government to establish a federal system of government to better mage their resources and protect their culture and identity with some few calling for outright independence.

But as the government scrambles to solve the problems raised by its people, they need look no further than approach their Canadian allies who have had similar problems and presently have solutions that work for help in solving Cameroons domestic problems. Federalism has certainly been a working form of government from USA to Nigeria, Australia to Germany; it has proven to be the best and most effective form of democracy in the world that works. Speaking to the press days ago in yaounde

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Canadian High Commissioner to Cameroon, René Cremonese has said that the Cameroon government can borrow from the Canadian experience to end the ongoing Anglophone crisis in the country.

Speaking during a media exchange organized by Le Club des Journalistes Politiques du Cameroun Tuesday in Yaoundé, the Canadian diplomat said through frank political dialogue and debates, his country was able to address grievances raised by minority French-speaking Canadians many years ago.

The Canadian diplomat went ahead to say that federalism is the best system of government and Cameroon should be no exception if it works and satisfy the people.



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