… And finally the President ordered for their freedom, but what next?


The Head of state and commander in chief Paul Biya has issued an order through a press release signed by the minister Secretary general of the presidency of the republic Ferdinand Ngo Ngo, ordering the release of arrested Anglophone detainees during the peak of the crisis.

The press release which calls for the discontinuation of the court proceedings and reaffirms the head of state’s commitment to bring to the courts those who might want to tear apart the structural composition of the country has taken even the most ardent supporters of the CDM strongman aback

Just until recently, supporters of the president and government dignitaries had praised the decision to keep those arrested in custody despite massive calls and international pressure calling for their release. Many are those who have said the head of state cannot intervene in the judicial proceedings and that the courts which is “independent” be allowed to carry out its function

But in his typical unpredictable character which usually keeps detractors embarrass and even loyal supporters and close confidents in affixed, the President of the republic has shocked all by releasing the detainees, just 5 days to the start of the 2017/18 academic year

But as the country brainstorm on the fallout of the just published press release, many are now wondering what the future holds for the crisis hit Anglophone regions of the country as many now fear the activist might call for further measures, taken this move as a sign of more things to come, further plundering the country to more chaos in the future

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But as many take a deep sigh of relief following the release, with some saying the schools can now resume while the country continues the heal, the future is far from certain



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