Analysis: After Lions’ disastrous performance, is there still hope for Russia Confed?


Five days into the Confederations Cup against Chile (Sunday at 8 pm), Cameroon crumbled infront of another South American selection Tuesday in Getafe. Faced with a Colombia by Jose Pékermann who delivered a solid performance, well led by James Rodriguez, Broos’ men could not resist.

The match revealed so much gaps and a bundle of deficiencies on all the lines that it is difficult to admit that it was this same team that raised the trophy of the African Cup last February in Gabon after having sent to the carpet of the heavyweights like Senegal, Ghana or Egypt that were presented like hyper favorites of the tournament.

The Cameroonian Eleven revised to 72%, was unrecognizable on the ground. Overwhelmed by the technical ease and collective control of the Colombians, Jonathan Gwem and the others completely missed their subject. For having bet on an opponent the size of Colombia to complete its preparation for the Confederations Cup which starts on June 17 in Russia, the “kings” of the forest have lacked everything.

Four times André Onana, who was finally established in place of an Ondoa went to fetch the ball at Bottom of the nets. Even if the Ajax of Amsterdam keeper did not receive the help of his defense in all four occasions, it remains that purists will find subject to chatter.

To put a goal in a closed corner, for example, is pensive. At the same time, it would be wise to wear the hat of a defeat that is initially collective to a player whose only complaint is to have been aligned against a high-caliber opponent.

Therefore, Onana should not be the sacrificial lamb as some technicians have allegedly claimed. Faced with the Colombian armada well led by the intrepid James Rodriguez, what miracle could he have done to avoid the discomfiture?

The poorly  trained porter at the Fundesport, whom Broos sent to the coal company, fought hard as he did, with no defense in the upfiled, none in the scoring, absent in the defensive return and, moreover, largely permeable on the flanks  to avoid breakage.. And the midfielder then? Swept by the disaster.

For a meeting that promised to be animated by the previous results of the two teams, the midfield of the felines has had all the trouble in the world to offer the public something shimmering. Anguissa, Mandjeck, Boumal have certainly tried to stand out. But the match was stronger than our domains. Apart from a few shots at the end of the second period, Cameroon did not make the weight in this compartment, the heart of the tactical device. Faced with an environment almost incapable of developing the game, Colombia, technically superior, better managed, regained colors after two class games against Argentina (3-0) and Brazil (1-0).

The partners of Radamel Falcao helped by the presence of stars like Cuadrado, James or Aguilar, imposed the offensive potential of the Cafeteros. Ndip Tambe: a defensive forward in the lead, a novelty in football In attack then, it was a real flop. Those of the players, who are often said to be the victim of the bad choices of the coach, have finally discovered their true level. Accustomed to grumble on the bench and to make the trial of a bad cast, they will certainly regret to have been aligned to face the redoubtable Colombia.

Between a Moukandjo who does not convince, a Toko Ekambi who fails on the swinging Colombian defenders and a Ndip Tambe whose only merit is to make the bullfighter when expected, a game thinner and more focused Before, the Champions’ attack was flapping. The exclusion of Ndip Tambe shortly after the resumption (47th) came to show all the hopes of Team Cameroon. And to top it all, Jose Lzquierdo converted a fourth goal, after a beautiful number of Fabra. Cruel reality

But as the champions of Africa gradually crumbled in the eyes of all, fans have been hoping that at least the most recognized eleven who help gave the country something to deliver reminiscent their AFCON exploits in Russia even though the odds are starkly against them no matter where and how you choose to analyze it



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