An empathetic plea of student who fled from parent just to go to school in South west and is caught in crossfire of political quagmire


 Following the editorial on on Friday 18th August  titled “Opinion: We must beat back fear stop promoting obliteration and do the right thing, an Advance  level students who lives in Buea by name Abdoul makes a  desperate plea to all

“Thank U Mr Mbah.I Pray That School Resume Because This Problem Had Affected Me Very Badly.Am A Student In Ekona.Iam An Adamawa Origine.And A Muslim Who Run Away From My Parents Because They Were Against My Education Being In SW I Thought It Will Make Me Freely Educate Myself. I Was To Write A/L Though I Wrote And Made It But Its Not Excellent.All Due To This So Call Anglophones Problam. We Pray That It Resume By God’s Grace!”

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