Agbor Balla embarks on charm offensive: The legal juggernaut has something up his sleeves


Ever since revered Agbor Balla Nkongho and co were freed from the Kondengui maximum security prison after a press release from the presidency ordering for the discontinuation of the courts proceedings against the accused, the legal heavy weight has been on the headlines almost as quick as was expected.

The former leader of the outlawed consortium of Anglophones which used coordinate the strike actions by teachers and lawyers of the English speaking regions of Cameroon which has paralyzed that part of country for the past one year is once again a free man after benefiting from presidential clemency, but the state will guard against any complacency as the legal expert is very much revered in this part of the country and his moves and actions would be closely monitored

News of barrister Agbor Balla attending ecumenical service of victims of Muyuka deathly accidents, visiting other inmates still to be released and promising to fight and ensure no one is left behind has been consoling and energizing to his base to say the least and that to former prison mates and revered politician justice Ayah Paul has sent promising prospects in the mind of many who still believe in the federalist

What is Balla’s Stance?

The international acclaimed lawyer who grew to fame during the height of the crisis and quickly received political adulation in the English speaking world of Cameroon has been abundantly clear in his stance; he wants a federal system of government in the country which will help protect both cultures as was agreed by founding fathers of our independence

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Balla and Fontem were quick to disavow one of their own, run away Tassang after he changed from federalist to secessionist, confirming his status as true statesman who still believes in a united and democratic Cameroon where the dreams of every child can be achieved with our proud, bi-cultural and linguistic identity fully preserved.

What has been happening?

Ever since Balla and co were incarcerated in what many say was political witch hunt, the international lawyer has remain buoyant and focused. Many are those who saw him and continue to do so even when he was in prison as the true leader and messiah of the “Anglophone liberation”, with many fondly referring to him as president Balla because of his mastery of the political terrain

In the hay days of the crisis, the legal expert once famously said, “come Monday we shall know who controls the west Cameroon” After they first introduced ghost town as a sigh of protest and evaluation of their support from the community and indeed the population responded then fearlessly and the responds send shock waves down the spine of the ruling class and what followed is left for the history books.

But as the state got threatened and picked Balla and all the consortium leaders who stood and fought for federalism in the country, the extremist who were idling and waiting for the opportunity, seized the vacuum created by Balla’s absence to seize power in a “bloodless coup” to form an expatriate leadership abroad calling for their “restoration”

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But despite the ongoing political turmoil, Balla has been clear, he remains a federalist and will continue to fight to ensure the country is better for every Cameroonian especially those of the English speaking expressions

As “president Balla” now embarks on a rare diplomatic offensive and gradually drums up support to his course for federal Cameroon, he might have to prepare for a war on many fronts as the battle field has greatly changed since January. Many are looking up to dear leader to take them to the crossing line.


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