Ad hoc committee to meet with teachers on Thursday again in Bamenda after deeply troubling week for government


Cameroon’s state television CRTV reported yesterday that the Ad hoc committee created by the prime minister to look into teachers grievances will be meeting with reporesenat8ives of teachers in North West chief town of Bamenda. Coming two weeks after failed talk in the same town which lead to ghost town in entire Anglophone Cameroon and schools yet to reopen, in that part of the country, the timing of the visit could not have been urgent.

But members of the Ad hoc committee goes to Bamenda in a weaker position as the consortium which is the umbrella organization that seeks lasting solutions to teachers and lawyers have made some domestic gains in recent days with a successful ghost town in the entire English speaking regions and failed school reopening despite all efforts made by the government for otherwise. However, coming days after the government had released the people arrested and detained in Yaoundé, added the names of representatives from south west thereby fulfilling the preconditions of teachers and lawyers, there is hope and much expectation this time around that something positive could come out of the talk. In addition, Former minister Garga Hamman Adji  was also in Bamenda yesterday Tuesday January 10th to add a neutral touch  in the ongoing dialogue as there are increasing distrust between both parties who see each other as not willing to solve the problem with each side accusing each other

Analysis: Why All side must dialogue in good faith

Recent happenings and activities must have presented a stack lesson to both parties as they have in the past two weeks engage in different path rather than try to find common ground to the ongoing dispute. The government has deployed all its machineries and resources to the fields, elites, ministers, Dos, SDOs , governors, chiefs and Fons in an attempt to get school reopen on the 9th of January despite the fact that they are yet to resolve their dispute with the representatives of teachers and lawyers and the feedback was quite embarrassing for the government as the entire northwest and south west recorded 100% no school and businesses on day one as  called by the consortium, a clear proof of where the power is shifting.

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The government onto has made significant concessions, adhering to the initial demands of the teachers and lawyers for talks to begin and we do hope that real and honest dialogue can now begin to solve the impasse that has kept students and pupils out of school for close to a month now and lawyers out of courts close to four months.

Both parties must realize that there is no short cut in or back door in solving this problem as both parties must sit on the dialogue table with all faithfulness and honesty, look at the problems and concerns raised by one another and solve the problem with the interest of the general public and the good of the country we all hold dear.


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