A resistance embrace: Hon Wirba stands shoulder to shoulder with incarcerated activists


As the trial of Barrister Agbor bala and co continues today in what has now become a legal quagmire for the state with scandalous adjournments, the frequents guests of the different court hearings and indeed those who rely on news about court’s proceedings were thrilled with a surprise guest-the defiant Hon. Wirba

The SDF firebrand and national heroes who staged a defiant comeback days ago, storming parliament ad once again defying all protocol he deemed are anti-struggle was present at the military courts to show solidarity with the incarcerated Bala, Fontem, Mancho and 25 others who have been held now for over 5 months and they have been continuously denied bail.

But as another sad but much anticipate news left the court that the case has yet again be adjourned, the jailed leaders will certainly take pleasure in the fact that they have a parliamentarian’s back and that law maker is certainly not any other.

Photot credit: Tah javis News Network

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