A nation In need of football stars: Zimbabwe sends 10 girls to Brazil to be impregnated by football legends


In an unprecedented and deeply controversial decision, the cash trap South African nation of Zimbabwe has send ten girls to Brazil to go and get pregnant so as to bring the gene of football greats back to the country which will help boost the countries underperform football teams in future.

 The decision which was arrived at in 2010 when the Brazilian national football team played Zimbabwe in a friendly in their capital city Harare is said to be championed by the president of the Zimbabwe football association president Philip Chiyangwa.

It is reported that the govern met through a newly established sports Generation Fund, plans to carter for all the children and take care of all the expenses of the girls.

 ZIFA spokesperson in a statement praise the decisions of the girls whom he says have deiced to put national interest ahead of personal interest by accepting to travel to Brazil and added that, the final decision on how to raise the kids will be taken by the girls. The players include 8 active players with five who plays for their national team, and 2 retired footballers.

 It is not yet known if the government has already finish arrangements with those to impregnate the girls once in Brazil.


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