15 SDF MPs distance themselves from meeting: call for federal system amidst protest by common law lawyers


15 SDF MPs at the national assembly who did not take part in the meeting between CPDM MPs and striking lawyers have rubbished the meeting as a no event and distance themselves from any recommendations as they say any decision must be for the general interest of everybody and they are advocating for a Federal system of government.

 In a communiqué issued today Nov 16th 2016 in Yaoundé and sign by the 15 members of parliament from the chief opposition part the SDF, states in part that “we observe with regret the ill-treatment  that have been given to the leaned members of the legal profession who were beaten, wounded, drag in mud, their offices ransacked, their wigs and gowns seized while in the exercise of their constitutional right to protest and demonstrate….The SDF member of the national assembly of Anglophone extraction demand the Biya government to instantly arrest and bring to book all he members of the forces of law and order.

They went ahead to give some frightening statistics of the demographics of magistrates, bailiffs and other actors of the legal system in the North West and south west regions the country which they say is dominated with French speaking judges from different law background which is the civil law.

Earlier in the day, representatives of the striking lawyers held a meeting with CPDM members of parliament in an attempt to settle their grievances after which a communique carrying 15 points which they insist must be met before they can call off the strike actions, some of which include; creation of law schools, creation of common law bench at the supreme court, compensate victims of the attack, creation of common law department at ENAM, simultaneous publication of law both in English and French, enactment of language code which punishes those who violates its application, parliament o strongly condemns police brutality among others.


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